All About the Bag Industry in Vietnam

Vietnam is a rich country in terms of culture, heritage and craftsmanship. It is believed that Vietnamese started handicraft artistic work way before the 15th century, and this is a hypothesis that can be accepted since more than 3,000 villages across Vietnam are directly involved in the tote bags Canada industry as handicraft artisans.

The current growth of the bag industry in the country is all due to the cultural history of the ‘communes’ and the major source of labor and expertise of the Vietnamese in terms of the bag manufacturing industry. They major in manufacturing processes such as weaving, sewing, and embroidery courtesy of technical skills and experience they possess. Most of the artisans are situated in rural areas mainly in the southern and northern regions of the country.

The Transformation And Advancement Of The Bag Industry In Vietnam

After World War II, the world was subjected to an industrial and technological boom, and these effects were also felt and embraced in Vietnam. As time went by, the bag industry started to follow this industrial revolution by implementing new methods to enhance the quality and production of the bags.

The modernization of the industry was mainly meant to create efficiency and lower the production cost of the bags. This was a great relief to the industry since after employing these sophisticated production processes, the industry thrives and flourishes day by day.

By embracing these technological advancements, Vietnam strategically placed itself in the global bags market by keeping up with the ever-growing competitive bag industry and enhancing the quality of the products.

This has made even bigger brands to invest in the industry. In fact, renowned brands such as Prada, Nike, Simone, and Adidas have already established different production plants in the country.

Fashion labels, on the other hand, have not been left behind. They have seized this opportunity to capitalize on the incredible craftsmanship of the Vietnamese. Among the popular fashion brands to infiltrate this thriving industry include Kate Spade, Michael, Gucci, and Kors.

What Bags Are Manufactured In Vietnam?

The most commonly manufactured bags include business bags, travel bags, fashion bags, and school backpacks. Custom tote bags are also widely produced in Vietnam.

Marketing Strategies Employed By The Bag Industry In Vietnam

When it comes to marketing, the industry has already formed trade organizations to market and brand the products both locally and internationally. The Vietnamese bag industry has set up the Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association (VIETCRAFT) and the Vietnam Trade Promotion agency. These two bodies are solely meant to boost the sales of the bags and bargain better terms for the manufacturers and consumers. They play a key role in keeping the industry competitive in the world market.

Factors That Facilitate The Bag Industry To Remain Competitive

  • Availability of employable and skilled artisans
  • Availability of production materials locally (plant-based materials are grown locally)
  • Small purchases allowed without additional costs
  • Flexible designers and technicians that keep up with the trending world
  • Quality of the Vietnam-made bags

With the current state of the bag industry in Vietnam, we can say that the industry’s low-cost manufacturing and product sourcing solutions are effective. With this, Vietnam’s bag industry will continue to rise as one of the most competitive industries in the global market.